MWCapture SDK

MWCapture SDK offers comprehensive APIs and sample applications to help developers leverage the capabilities of Magewell hardware to the most extent, either when they use a Magewell Gen 1 device or the latest model, to reduce the heavy liftings of their applications. Capture SDK includes Windows and Linux versions and not only provides Magewell self-defined APIs but also supports other generic interfaces including DirectShow and V4L2. Developers shall feel free to use Visual C#, Java, Visual C++, and Visual Basic (only support on Windows) to build their application.


Multi-channel AV signals can be captured and rendered by occupying minimum CPU resources due to SG DMA transmission mode. The video can also be captured into multiple streams with different formats settings.

Super-low Latency Data Transfer

The latency in capture can be reduced down to 64 lines by adopting the low latency mode. Partial Notification feature enabled by Magewell self-defined API can further enhance the efficiency of your application in obtaining the captured data down to lines instead of frame. Click here for more details.

Total Latency Capture Latency

AV Synchronization

The hardware timestamp can be attached to frame when it is being buffered on the card and developers can use this feature to synchronize multiple streams for use cases like video walls.

Obtain Data Package of InfoFrame

Support to obtain original InfoFrame data package of HDMI, including AVI, Audio, SPD, MS, VS, ACP etc. Canon and Sony DSRL time code can be obtained by VS info frame. Users can capture, encode and render HDR10 video when proper capture cards, graphic cards and monitors are being used.

Define and Obtain the Ancillary Data (ANC) You Need

At most, four types of ANC data, including closed caption and any other ANC data that is defined by CEA 608 and CEA 708, can be preset and obtained for your conveniences. This feature is only applicable to some models. Click here for more details.

Support More Color Spaces

Up to 41 color spaces can be supported, which includes 10 bits format such as AYUV, V408, V410, Y410, RGB10 and BGR10.

Use Hardware to Do Image OSD

A still image or captured video can be overlapped in real time.

Capture 8-Channel Audio

Support capturing of IEC60958/IEC61937 audio, including uncompressed and compressed audio such as LPCM 5.1, LPCM 7.1, DTS, AC3 and MP3.

Encoding and Rendering Shall Be Easy

Graphic cards can well share the workload of CPU in encoding video. We provide SDK support on top of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD’s APIs to make your encoding and rendering experience easier.

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