Flex I/O HDMI 4i2o
Flex I/O HDMI 4i2o

4-channel 2K capture +2-channel 2K playback card

Part number: 11810

  • Simultaneously capture 4 channels of 2K HDMI + embedded audio
  • Simultaneously playback 2 channels of 2K HDMI+ embedded audio


Specifications and Features

Capture Features

4x HDMI input interface

Max input resolution at 2048×2160

10-bit video processing

Low latency mode

Time code extraction

Image cropping


Up/down scaling

Aspect ratio conversion

Color space conversion


Multiple capture streams

Hardware timestamp

SG-DMA for video capture

Playback Features

2x HDMI output interface

Max resolution at 2048×1080

10-bit video processing

Up/down scaling

Aspect ratio conversion

Color space conversion

SG-DMA for video playback

Timecode output


Host interface:PCIe Gen2 x4

OS support:Windows and Linux

Provide Windows and Linux SDK

Universal driver;updatable firmware

Support Capture Express

3-year warranty

LED indicator light

Rotary switch for card marking



Mini HDMI to HDMI cable

Part number: TBD

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