Innovating to Enhance Live Production Workflows

Adopting NewTek’s royalty-free NDI? protocol for encoding and transmission, the Pro Convert family easily and reliably converts video signals such as HDMI and SDI into NDI streams. These NDI streams will be available to all NDI-compatible software and systems on the same network regardless of physical distance, ensuring high-quality, low-latency, IP-based live production experiences superior to traditional live production solutions.

Video-over-IP has Never Been so Simple

Everything you need as a live content producer can fit in a backpack – Pro Convert devices and accessories, a network switch and a laptop. The converter accepts a wide range of signals from source equipment including cameras, production workstations, media players, games consoles and more, creating streams that are compatible with the large and growing number of NDI-enabled software applications.

Easy-to-Use; Zero Configuration

Pro Convert devices automatically detect your network and the video input signal format, with no manual network configuration nor source format selection needed. Plug in the cables, and it just works!

Compact and Powerful

Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus features a small size of 117.5mm by 66.7mm (4.63” by 2.63”) and 23.4mm (0.92”) thick, weighing only 234g. Tiny as it is, the converter supports HDMI 2.0 signal inputs up to 4K at 60fps 4:4:4 and can encode NDI streams up to 4Kp60 4:2:2.

Scalable Solution with Lower Investment in Equipment

With Pro Convert devices, your Video-over-IP infrastructure can be expanded to any number of inputs. Simply add one more Pro Convert to add one channel of input to your NDI-based production network, with no need for expensive equipment like dedicated video routers or matrixes.

Fits Easily and Non-Disruptively into Your Existing Workflows

Simply connect a Pro Convert device to your existing video source to make your production workflow IP-enabled. The converter provides a loop-through interface so you can still connect your source to the same subsequent?video equipment without affecting your original workflow, minimizing cost and integration effort.

Other Features

FPGA-based Video Processing

Superb Signal Compatibility

Remote Control PTZ Cameras via IP

RNDIS/ECM Connection

8-channel Audio


Intuitive Web-based UI

Power via PoE or USB power supply

Tally Lights

1/4’’-20 Mounting Hole

Different User Permissions

24x7 Continuous Work

Online Firmware Update

Rotary Switch

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