Flexible Interface Choices

Offer single/dual/quad-channel video capture. Support HDMI (up to 4K) or SDI (up to 2K) signals.

Low Power Consumption

Power consumption 30%-70% lower (model-dependent) than standard Pro Capture cards with similar input(s).

Standard Size & High-Speed Interface

Use high-speed interface with M.2 connector (PCIe Gen2) providing sufficient bandwidth for capturing multiple HD signals or one 4Kp30 signal. The card is in M.2 standard size of 22 x 80 mm.

Super Software and OS Compatibility

Users can use the OS and software they are familiar with to ensure high efficiency.

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Automatic Input Signal Detection

Users don’t need to select the input signal format to have it correctly recognized.

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Magewell Video Engine

FPGA-based video processing, effectively reducing CPU usage.

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